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Unveiling the Essence of Kalaa Kuteera


Our vision at Kalaa Kuteera is to be a renowned institution that upholds and advances the rich heritage of Carnatic music, inspiring a new generation of musicians to embrace this ancient art form and carry it forward with passion and excellence. We envision a future where Carnatic music is celebrated globally for its profound beauty, spiritual depth, and cultural significance.


Our mission is to provide exceptional training, nurturing aspiring musicians and empowering them to become proficient performers, knowledgeable scholars, and custodians of this cherished tradition. We are committed to preserving the authenticity and purity of Carnatic music while encouraging creative exploration and fostering a deep understanding of its nuances.

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Carnatic music, with its deep-rooted history and vibrant traditions, has an enchanting allure that transcends borders. Our philosophy at Kalaa Kuteera is that anyone can master this intricate art form with the right guidance and perseverance.