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Welcome to the Kalaa Kuteera , where the divine melodies of Carnatic music find their home. Let us embark on this incredible journey together, celebrating the beauty, grace, and profound depth of this timeless art form.

Discover the enchanting world of Carnatic classical vocal music with the esteemed mentor Vidushi Renuka Kashyap. With over 20 years of experience, she offers a unique and engaging learning experience. Our music school is a renowned destination for anyone interested in exploring the beauty of Carnatic music. We combine traditional teachings with modern approaches to create an immersive and enjoyable musical journey. Join us to explore the timeless melodies and rhythms of this classical art form.

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Discover the enriching world of music with Kalaa Kuteera, we conduct a diverse range of classes that are tailored for all age groups. Whether you’re a young enthusiast eager to explore the melodies or an adult looking to deepen your musical passion, our comprehensive curriculum is designed to inspire learners at every stage of life. Embracing flexibility, we provide both online and offline classes, ensuring that you can embark on your musical journey seamlessly, regardless of your location or schedule. 

Join us in this harmonious exploration, where the love for music knows no age, and let the transformative power of melodies enrich your life.

Student review

Ashwini Raj, California

I'm blessed to have a music teacher like Renuka aunty , even though she is my music teacher! , I like to call her aunty. I have known aunty for 20+ years now, I joined the carnatic senior class around September 2002 as a student for about 3 years , and had to take a break, though there was a break in learning the relationship between us continue , and that is helping in my second innings of learning online, thanks to aunty & technology , it feels so easy to learn and I don't see a difference in her teaching, in person or online, she is so flexible. Even though I had done junior in carnatic music , after a gap of a few years , I was hesitant about how I would sound or missing notes while singing, aunty has been the greatest support and, knowing, understanding, guiding and helping students where they need help without being criticizing or getting irritated, even when you're not getting after few classes and other thing is she never differentiate or discriminate between students because of voice or learning, she treats everyone the same and she gives opportunity equally. Her teaching style is unique, even though she is teaching songs without the thalla, she teaches in such a way that, the next time you sing when you put thalla , both are in sync, as if it was taught like that. She doesn't restrict herself to teaching syllabus or portion for exams, she is happy to share her knowledge. I am so fortunate to be one of the students taking part in the musical concerts , aunty did with her students at Sree Raghavendra Swamy mutt , thyagaraja aradhana , Chinmaya mission and happened to share the stage with aunty in Satya seva Ganapathi, to support her in tanpura. I will cherish these moments always! She is definitely a go to person for me, a friend, a guide , mentor and my teacher.

Lakshmi, Bangalore

I'm overjoyed to express my deep gratitude towards my Carnatic music teacher at Smt. Renuka’s Carnatic Classical Music School Kalaa Kuteera. Before joining, I was just an enthusiast, keen to explore the rich tapestry of Carnatic music but lacking a strong foundation. Renuka mam’s proficient guidance, however, changed everything, turning me into a confident and skilled practitioner of this traditional art form. Under her expert and patient tutelage, my knowledge and skills in Carnatic music flourished. I scored remarkable marks in my examination, and to my delight, also secured a position amongst the top three performers in the center. This achievement is a clear reflection of my mam’s dedication and skill in molding students' musical talents. My journey in Carnatic music, however, extended far beyond the realm of the exams. The intricate ragas and rhythms became a meditative retreat, greatly impacting my mental well-being. The rigorous practice sessions fostered a sense of discipline and concentration in me that transcended into other aspects of my life, while the melodies became a source of joy and serenity. Beyond this, mam’s mentorship also bestowed me with the gift of confidence. Under her encouraging eye, I found myself stepping onto the stage fearlessly, performing with passion and poise. The transformation was incredible, as I went from a hesitant learner to a confident performer. In essence, my experience with Kalaa Kuteera did more than honing my musical abilities - it shaped me as an individual, boosting my confidence, relieving my stress, and improving my focus. I am eternally grateful for their support and guidance. For anyone eager to explore Carnatic music and grow personally, I wholeheartedly recommend this transformative journey under her expert instruction.